Attention dessin d’humour !

Dessin de James (dans La Revue Dessinée en ligne, les dessins de la rédaction, 25 septembre 2015). Le poids du sens du dessin aujourd’hui vu avec humour.

A little humor to talk about how a cartoon can be misinterpreted. The text is :
“You are about to see a ‘cartoon’.
If you do not wish to see a cartoon, or if you lack a sense of irony or off-beat humour, click on ‘cancel’.
If you nay be shocked by some content, please leave the page now.
If you wish to go on with you visit, you need to certify that you have enough perspective on things to be able to analyze them, and accept the use of nonsense and irony as comic impulse.
I have read the text above and by clicking on ‘ok’ I give my electronic signature to show I understand and agree with it. 
Click on ‘ok’ to proceed, or on ‘cancel’ to leave this page”


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